Helping Independent Authors


We find what matters, the backbone of books.

EPUB higlighter helps independent authors market their books by finding suitable quotes to share in social media. The product includes generation of images containing a chosen quote plus the book cover.

Status: defunct.

Technologies employed: Scala, Factorie, scrimage, scalatra, spacy, xgboost.

Meaningful Interactions

System for Mamook Lapeep art installation

An art installation where the audience shares art with the artists.

This is a computer system allowing an art gallery visitor to interact with an installation using their smartphone. Open source at

Status: ready for deployment.

Technologies employed: Python, Flask, Javascript, redis, transitions.

Dynamic Narratives

Ebook Publishing

You take the skull in your hands and stare at it when, all of a sudden, you could swear that the skull winks at you.

A custom in-house EPUB generator for gamebooks (the type of branching narratives popularized by Choose your own adventure™ books) supporting bilingual gamebooks:

Status: available for purchase at Amazon Kindle.

Technologies employed: Scala, Scala parser combinators, Scalate

Automatic Reports from Spreadsheets

The Data Report

Data analysis for the rest of us.

The Data Report is a tool that produces general static reports (as opposed to query or intention-based systems) of combined text and graphics given any spreadsheet sent by email.

Status: demoed at INLG2016, searching for an alpha customer.

Technologies employed: Scala, JFreeChart, UIMA.